Hyundai Sonata 2011-2014 Center Console Custom LED Cup Holder Lights

(31 customer reviews)

  • Two discs with Blue LED Lighting for the Center Console Cup Holders on the 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata
  • Adhesive Tape for Installation
  • Zip Ties
  • Install Manual
  • Install How-To Video (see below)

Made in the USA!

Product Documents

Installation Instructions

Product Description

Add some color to your vehicle interior and a subtle glow at night that lets you see where you’re placing your drinks, and looks cool too! This kit is wired to turn on and off with your headlights and match the blue interior dash lighting, and the LED lighting is a perfect brightness that is not overly harsh or distracting.

This LED Cup Holder Light Insert kit is custom fit for the 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata GLS, SE, Limited, Hybrid and Turbo and is a do-it-yourself installation. Included with the product are step-by-step instructions with pictures exhibiting every part of the process (check out “Product Documents” above to preview!) and an instructional video which makes it easy enough to install yourself even if you don’t have extensive experience installing into vehicles. For many customers this is their first modification!

AccentGlowLED products are Made in the USA out of sturdy plastics that will hold up to the drinks in your car and the long life LEDs used are rated IP65 Weatherproof. We also have other colors available, please contact us direct.

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31 reviews for Hyundai Sonata 2011-2014 Center Console Custom LED Cup Holder Lights

  1. Shane Gallant

    This is a great addition to any Sonata owner purchased it online,got it shipped very fast, all parts and instructions were included. Install was a breeze, and it looks like factory! Highly recommended!

  2. sierra smith

    Looks really good and matches all my other lights

  3. Israel R

    Very cool product, easy install!

  4. Jasen Swick

    Im going to leave a 4 star review soley because i don’t think that these fade out as I turn the dash lights down. Thats most likely do to the wires that I was instructed to hook up to. Overall very detailed instruction…. use a trim panel puller so that you don’t damage your trim pieces.
    Easy to install and looks great.

  5. Jacob

    Great product. Super easy install with the instructional video. Looks great! Thanks AccentGlowLED.

  6. Nicholas Roberts

    These looke AWESOME! They installed in under 30 minutes with no tools at all to disassemble the console. Only tools I used were the drill for the holes and an exacto for the wires. I just spliced the wires right in and wrapped with electrical tape a a zip tie. These are a definite must have for our Sonatas to make them stand out without looking custom!

  7. Brian Olson

    The install was amazingly simple instructions are very clear I did not even need the YouTube videos for the install. If you take your time and are very careful removing the trim pieces everything should work out okay I did this in my garage when it was 20° outside today and I had no issues. Everything works as it should and it’s a nice addition to the car.

  8. Jeremy

    Great product quick shipping and install is a breeze. Put em in and didn’t say anything she went nuts when the lights kicked on!

  9. Dallas

    Excellent product! Easy to install!

  10. Reece Manosca

    Had done this installed way back before AccentGlow LED had a website. I’m glad this company is producing accessories for the Hyundai line of vehicles and is expanding their products for other vehicles. If you’ve read other reviews, there’s no need for me to reiterate how much I love this mod. However, I do want to say something about the company. Great customer service and great support to their customers. Keep up the great work and always keep your customers ahead of profit!

  11. Robert Ludwig

    If you have a Sontata, this is a must. I noticed before that even with the insanely bright dash lights it was often times hard to find the cupholder and almost spilled my drink in the passenger seat. Not anymore! This simple install will make them more noticeable while not being bright enough to be a distraction. Stop contemplating and click the order button……..NOW!

  12. Brandon

    Excellent product. Fast shipping to Canada, only took 30 minutes to install!!!

  13. John H

    I would recommend this product to anyone trying to greatly improve their car’s interior. The LED lights add the perfect amount of light. I am a complete novice when it comes to automotive electrical systems but the video for the install gave me the confidence to try it and I am glad I did. I like them so much I will be ordering the door ,lights as well.

  14. brusty

    Just wanted to stop by and leave a review of this awesome cupholder LED kit.

    I put these in my 2011 Sonata. The install is simple to do – trim off to trim back on took less than an hour – and the effect is excellent.

    They’re not too bright – they’re the perfect illumination level to be noticed at night, whether you’re going for compliments or just trying to figure out where to put your beverages. If I hadn’t put them in myself, I would’ve sworn they were stock from how well they match the rest of the interior lighting.

    This is the sort of mod that – once done – stands out initially, yet simultaneously seems like it’s always been a part of the car. When I first drove at night with them in, I forgot about them until I got a drink to put in the cupholder, at which point I remembered how I used to use the bottom of the drink to “feel around” the center console until it would plop into the proper hole.

    Highly recommended.

  15. Jason Varga

    A bit longer in shipping times than I had planned or expected, it took two weeks to arrive to southern Ontario, Canada. Accentglow may not be entirely to blame, so I won’t be too harsh on them for that.

    The product is just as described, and very easy to install. Taking my time it took 2.5 hours to fully install the two console unit, and two front doors for my 2011 Hyundai Sontata.

    I just finished installation, so I cannot comment on longevity of these products. Since it’s LED, I’m hoping as long as I own the car.

  16. Lonnie Howard

    I love the AccentGlowLED for my cup holders, it brings more lighting to my dash, they look great. I will be purchasing the AccentGlowLED for my doors.

  17. Curtis

    I purchased the Sonata Cupholder LED lights and can not be happier. I love the detail that the lights add to my vehicle.

    The very detailed instructions along with the Youtube instruction video are both of OUTSTANDING quality.

    Please keep me informed of new and upcoming products for my Hyundai Sonata.

    Best Wishes,

  18. Darryl

    Great product. Excellent instructions. Seamless purchase and shipping experience. Everything you hope for in a purchase.

  19. Randy Friedberg

    Great product and very easy installation. This makes the whole console look more expensive than it is. The video online was the greatest help. I would recommend this product to anyone. Great job and great price, thank you.

  20. Richard

    Love the Sonata cup holder light kit. Install was fairly easy following the detailed instructions

  21. Kevin

    These lights look great and were easy to put in! The instructions are top notch, and the video helps a lot as well. Including the zip ties was a nice touch. A great, inexpensive way to set my car apart from the rest! Thanks for the fast shipping and great product.

  22. Jorge D

    Absolutely love the lights! it is a very easy installation and simple to operate also. Highly recommend for anyone who’s looking to make their Sonata more unique!

  23. Paul S

    I bought mine soon after getting my 2012 Sonata Hybrid. It was the first mod I performed and I was a little nervous. The step by step picture tutorial was great and I was able to do everything in just over an hour. Most of the time was spent removing the initial side plastic on the center console. I love the way they look and makes it a bit more unique. They are also useful since they add light to an otherwise dark area of the car. Very happy with them.

  24. Gabriel W

    Super easy install! And looks amazing! Everyone gives me compliments about them.

  25. Chris Heath

    Installed these in my 2013 Sonata SE. They look fantastic.

    Instructions were nice and clear and I didn’t have any real problems getting things done.

    Results are nice. Adds a nice ambient glow without being overpowering. My fiancee is wanting them for her Elantra.

  26. Mike G

    Just awesome!!

    Done several mods to my sonata and by far this is one of my favorites. Gets ton of compliments. So easy to install and just looks great.

    Would recommend these to any sonata owner.

  27. Brian

    I bought this for my 2013 Sonata SE. Very easy to install and looks like its factory installed. The first time my wife commented on it, she had no idea I installed it myself.

    The center console is pretty dark at night and it’s hard to locate where you place your drink. These lights not only look great but are very functional.

  28. Stan

    Very nice. Bought this about 1/2 year ago. It works fine. Looks just like in the pictures. Installation instructions are easy to understand and to follow. No issues at all and I like the look of it a lot.

  29. Rob

    These lights look great and match the interior perfect. They are easy to install and really ad a nice touch. I was a little concerned living in FL with the high heat here it causes cold drinks to sweat and make puddles in the cup holder wells. I asked about this before purchasing and was told it would not be an issue and it has not. They have held up great.

  30. Static

    I love this mod. It took me a grand total of about half an hour, including taking the center piece inside and cleaning it up. I get commends on a regular basis on how cool it looks to have illumination under the drinks at night. It’s just the perfect amount of bright: not too bright so as to bug you when driving at night, but bright enough that it’s obvious and accents the car perfectly.

  31. Bert Van Giesen

    I really love the look of this. I find that I have the lights on even during the day because I like the look of the glow so much. Thanks for the great service.

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