Toyota Camry 2012-2014 Center Console Custom LED Cup Holder Lights

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  • Two discs with Blue or White LED Lighting for the Center Console Cup Holders on the 2012-2014 Toyota Camry
  • Adhesive Tape for Installation
  • Zip Ties
  • Install Manual with pictures
  • Install How-To video

Made in the USA!

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Product Description

Add some color to your vehicle interior and a subtle glow at night that lets you see where you’re placing your drinks, and looks cool too! This kit is wired to turn on and off with your headlights and tie in with the interior dash lighting, and the LED lighting is a perfect brightness that is not overly harsh or distracting.

This LED Cup Holder Light Insert kit is custom fit for the 2012-2014 Toyota Camry and is a do-it-yourself installation. Included with the product are step-by-step instructions with pictures exhibiting every part of the process (check out “Product Documents” above to preview!) and an instructional video which makes it easy enough to install yourself even if you don’t have extensive experience installing into vehicles. For many customers this is their first modification!

AccentGlowLED products are Made in the USA out of sturdy plastics that will hold up to the drinks in your car and the long life LEDs used are rated IP65 Weatherproof. We also have other colors available, please contact us direct.

8 reviews for Toyota Camry 2012-2014 Center Console Custom LED Cup Holder Lights

  1. Mohammed

    I purchased the white LED version for my 2012 Toyota Camry. I followed the youtube video since it was my exact car in the video. The whole installation took about 20 minutes, 10 of that was me trying to find my drill to put the 2 holes in the bottom of the cupholders. All in all I love to look of it and how it matches the lighting throughout my car.

  2. steve

    lights are exactly as shown and are easy to install. Lights look very nice and have a soft glow that are not to bright.

  3. Phillip Ventura

    I installed the white kit and i like how it looks with the rest of the dash

  4. Steve

    I purchased the white LED cup holder light because it matched my dash lights in my 2014 Toyota Camry. It arrived in a quick fashion and nicely packaged. Following the enclosed instructions, I proceeded with the install. Things went quite well, but for some reason my negative wire on my shifter light was light blue instead of black/white in the instructions. I tested with my volt meter to be sure it was the correct wire. I soldered my connections and used some heat shrink wrap. The lighting is subtle but effective and can be dimmed with the button on the dash, that is the dimmer for all dash lights. I did not install a inline fuse as suggested in the instruction disclaimer, as the lights are supposed to be water resistant to a certain extent. I will reevaluate and add one in the future if it is determined one is needed. I would recommend this product as it enhances the interior of my car.

  5. William

    Although this item is listed to fit a 2012-2014 Camry I took the chance it would also fit my 2015 model. The diameter of the discs was just slightly larger than the bottom of the cupholder and did not allow it to sit completely flat on the bottom. A little work with a Dremel tool with a rotary burr to remove approximately 1/16″ from the diameter did the trick. Looks terrific, very satisfied with product.

  6. Ron

    It’s great, I connected my led cup holder light this weekend and it looks so elegant makes my car even more expense. Instructions was simple to follow it only took 15 minutes. Very pleased with this product.
    When are you guys, going to come out with top panel led light trim.
    That will be awesome

  7. Rohan

    i really like the LED ,mine is in white color ,the package you will get with installation/instruction , very easy to install ,it took me 30 min to complete whole installation ,LED are 100% same as you will see in the picture ,
    Highly Recommended !

  8. Angela

    Purchased a pair of white LED cupholder discs for my Toyota Camry 2007 and it fits, and looks great. They are a bit pricey for what they are- 2 opaque acrylic discs with a LED-lit bottom and 4 leads- but they look fantastic.The light given off is not distracting at night nor too bright and accent the interior of the car beautifully. Simple design, but lends elegance and a premium feel. The product photos are accurate, what you see is what you get. Easy to install too- simply drill 2 holes through the bottom of your cupholder, and connect the 2 red wires to your car stereo’s ‘illumination’ wire, and connect the 2 black wires to your car’s grounding wire. New to car modding, but I was able to get it installed in 20 minutes. In short, I am very pleased.

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